10 Minutes To Get Things Done

We are now well on our way into 2014 and I started off nicely with an afternoon of reading J.S. Back Fugues, Book I with many wonderful musicians hosted by my lovely friend, composer and violinist,Dana Lyn. Nothing feels better than playing some Bach but after that wonderful day, I got a stomach bug and was out for a good… Read more →

Choi – Sacks Duo Recording #3

Two weeks ago, my friend, Jacob Sacks and I completed our third recording at Acoustic Sound. With the help of our friend, Geoff Kraly and sound engineer Michael Brorby, we recorded a variety of interpretations of nine jazz standards. It was very exciting to be in the studio and it has been more than five years since Jacob and I… Read more →

Jazz For The Family This Sunday

My monthly performance at my neighborhood cafe is happening this Sunday at 4:00pm. Lark Cafe is a bright space where families can come and enjoy lunch, brunch, coffee, beer, donuts, ice cream and pie all while listening to yours truly and my friends, Elena Camerin on voice and Khabu Young on baritone guitar (not sure what a baritone guitar is,… Read more →

The Lion

While celebrating my birthday the other evening, I congratulated my friend Ben Scheuer on his multiple awards for his newest animated video for his song. “The Lion.” As I was telling my other friends about this song, it had just occurred to me that I had sung additional vocals on this track. I am honored to have been part of… Read more →

Jacob Sacks’ No Man’s Land Release

It’s finally here. My dearest friend and colleague, Jacob Sacks has finally released his quintet cd, “No Man’s Land“. Now when I say finally, it has taken more than eleven years to release this recording. Even at the young age of 24, you can hear musical and artistic maturity beyond his years. The members of his band are incredible artists… Read more →


I am struggling with the concept of balance. As I get older, when I crouch down to my son’s level to talk or hang out with him, I stand up and feel the entire world spinning and I wonder if I might pass out. It has been happening now since my son was born. Not sure what it means but… Read more →

Me and Pilates

On Monday, I had my first private Pilates lesson. I never thought I would see myself spending the money on a private lesson and especially Pilates. I am a boot camp kind of girl. I like to sweat and work hard. After I got carpel tunnel and sprained my ankle last year, all the boot camp classes were history. I… Read more →

Sofia, The Amazing

As I reflect on this past week, the one thing that stands out is my piano lesson with my teacher, Sofia Rosoff. I have spoken about Sofia in other posts but I can’t mention her enough. She has been my saving grace when it comes to the piano and finding the love of playing it again. Even with all my… Read more →

Appointment No. 2

Saw my family doctor (primary care doctor) and now it’s time for me to get into the best physical shape that I can be. Basically I have a weak back and my spine is having issues. I have very weak abdominal muscles due to pregnancy and a diastasis. On top of all the muscle issues, I have to lose as… Read more →

First Of Many Appointments

Yesterday I saw a sports medicine doctor about my issues with my arms. His diagnosis was that I had repetitive strain injury. That seem to make a lot of sense but not sure from what other than picking up my son and just using my body badly. Anyways, the doc suggested that I start eating more omega 3 fatty acid… Read more →

I Have What?

So I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel, radial tunnel and tendonitis in both my arms, wrists and thumbs. This post will be brief since typing on a computer keyboard is not recommended for someone with my condition. Over the next little while, I will try to document my journey to heal myself and hopefully be in a better physical,… Read more →

To Be or Not To Be…A Parent

I found this picture of myself and started to think about how my son will turn three next week. It’s hard for me to believe that I am a parent to a toddler and how this little person is constantly blowing my mind with his daily accomplishments. Life as I know it now is so different from when I first… Read more →

Making Up With An Old Friend

Over the past year and a half, I have been studying piano with the amazing Sofia Rosoff. Sofia has rekindled the love that I had for playing the piano the way I did when I was a child. I never thought that the feeling would return. All throughout my undergrad degree I was miserable and loathed playing the next piano… Read more →

Finding My Way Back

Since last August, I have been studying with the incredible piano teacher, Sofia Rosoff. She is a remarkable woman. At 91 years old, she is sharp, wise, generous and awe inspiring. I haven’t been playing the piano seriously for more than 15 years, during which time I was working on my vocal skills. Now I feel ready to really start… Read more →

Show at Seeds in Brooklyn

I am playing a show at the intimate music series Seeds in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on Wednesday, April 25th at 8:30pm. I will be performing with a young Swiss bassist, Fabien Iannone and great ukulele/guitarist, Khabu Doug Young. Should be awesome. Hope to see some folks there. The Seeds series is located at 617 Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn. Read more →


Here it is, 2012. Wow! Already ten days in and it’s hard to believe that I have a toddler and I’m trying to get my music life back in gear. I think I said this last year but this year I’ve actually done something about it. My first show is happening on Friday, January 20th at Ibeam. Yay for me! Read more →

A Minor Set Back

I was delayed in my 100 push ups, 200 squats and 200 sit ups this past week due to the “stomach flu”. There is no such thing as the stomach flu but I did have a viral infection that effected my stomach and put me in bed for about two days. To top off the illness, I also got a… Read more →