Upcoming shows

It’s Been A While

I noticed that I haven’t made an entry in almost two months! Life just grabs you and takes you away from things sometimes. I’m excited today because tonight Jacob Sacks and moi are having our regular monthly Restless Spirit Music Series and our special guest is drummer Matt Wilson. I’m totally psyched. I love hearing Matt play and I can’t… Read more →

Tonic on Thursday

This Thursday my friend and old classmate, tenor saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff will be having his U.S. CD release at Tonic at 8pm. I had a chance to see Quinsin at the IAJE this past January and it was good to hang with him for a minute. I haven’t heard any of Quinsin’s new music and I’m very excited to check… Read more →

Happy New Year!

Well it’s hard to believe that it’s 2006. The past year went by so fast that I can’t even reflect on what’s happened. It’s like a systems overload for me (can’t….pro–cess…infor–ma-tion…) I do know that 2006 is going to be an exciting year. I can feel it in my bones. For one thing, 4inObjects will be releasing their debut CD… Read more →

One Step Closer

So yesterday I had a 11 hour day going up to Orangeburg, NY mastering the debut CD of 4inObjects. We went to BangZoom Productions and the mastering engineer, Steve Vavagiakis was great. I would definitely recommend him for mastering acoustic recorded works. Steve was friendly and gave helpful advice during the session. It’s amazing what mastering does to a recording.… Read more →

Playing at Merkin Hall Tonight

I am playing at Merkin Hall in NYC tonight for the BMI Big Band Composer’s Workshop Concert. I will be performing a great piece by a wonderful composer named Sherisse Rogers. The piece is called “A Slippery Slope” and it has been nominated for the composition of the year for this year’s workshop. I’m crossing my fingers for you Sherisse!… Read more →

Too Many Clouds

These cloudy days are beginning to get on my nerves. I realize that I could never live in Seattle or Vancouver because it would just rain all the time and I would get depressed alot. New York has been like this since the beginning of the week and it’s only been four days and I can’t take it anymore. But,… Read more →

Judith Berkson at Barbes Tonight

Tonight my dear friend and amazing vocalist, Judith Berkson (she is our guest for the Restless Spirit Music Series #4 on July 1st), is doing a solo show tonight at Barbes. The show starts at 7:00pm and goes till 9:00pm. Judith will be performing a great variety of music like Schoenberg, her original compositions, Greek music and Jewish music from… Read more →

Restless Spirit #4 Coming Soon

This Friday, July 1st will be the next Restless Spirit Music Series with yours truly and Jacob Sacks (greatest pianist living) and our special guest and dear friend, vocalist Judith Berkson. We start at 7:00pm and we are at the 5C Cafe in the East Village (68 Ave C at the corner of 5th Street). So for all you NYC… Read more →

Come on out to Charley O’s Tonight

Tonight at 8:00pm, my roomie, Vinnie Sperrazza (drums), best friend, Jacob Sacks (piano) and great friend and darts buddy, Dave Ambrosio (bass) will be playing at Charley O’s in midtown at 713 8th Ave (corner of 45 St., NYC). I’m not sure what the repertoire will be but, I know it’s gonna sound great. These are some of the best… Read more →

The Restless Spirit Awakes This Friday!

I’m very excited that our (meaning Jacob Sacks and yours truly) music series “The Restess Spirit” will be starting tomorrow at the 5C Cafe at 7:00pm. Our friend and great improvising pianist, Angelica Sanchez will be our first guest of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing Angie since she has been on maternity leave for the past few months… Read more →

Practice, Practice, Practice

I feel that a submission is long over due. I have been practising this past week on some big band music my friend, Andrew Rathbun has written. I play with his big band this Sunday, March 3rd at Smith’s Bar in midtown. I haven’t sung big band music in about 6 years. This is not your Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra kind… Read more →

Last Minute Gig

This Monday I will be a special guest of the Sacks/Ambrosio/Sperrazza trio (piano/bass/drums). They will be playing at Charley O’s in midtown, Manhattan. We will be playing jazz standards (which I hardly ever do these days) AND, I just found out that our friend and saxophonist, Mike McGinnis will also be sitting in. It’s gonna be a fun night of… Read more →

4inObjects at the 55 Bar this Tuesday

This Tuesday, February 22, 4inObjects (the collective quintet I play in) will be performing at the 55 Bar at 7:00pm. It’s so great to play with some of the most talented young musicians in New York City (Jacob Sacks on rhodes, Dave Ambrosio on bass, Jacob Garchik on trombone and Dan Weiss on drums and yours truly singing). If all… Read more →

My Show Tonight!

Well I’m getting ready for the gig tonight with pianist Jacob Sacks and special guest, guitarist, Ben Monder. Photocopying music, writing music and other sorts of stuff will be going on today. I will hopefully be recording the evening and if all goes well, perhaps I can put up a sample. Anyone in NYC area come by and check out… Read more →

My First Posting of My Gig!

Well today I write my first post of my show this Saturday. I’m really excited about it because Jacob Sacks (pianist extrordinaire) and I are playing with our dear friend and killin’ guitarist, Ben Monder! This is my first time playing with Ben and I’m totally stoked! So anyone in the New York City area, come out and join us.… Read more →

Jacob Garchik Solo

Tonight the trombonist of 4inObjects, Jacob Garchik, will be performing solo trombone at Elixir Smart Bar in NYC. This is the second member of 4inObjects to do solo work in the past month. I’m excited to check it out since this is the first time I’ve gone to check out music since my “Nightmare of the Carob” incident. I’m sure… Read more →

Sperrazza/Blostein Quartet Tonight

Tonight my roomie, Vinnie Sperrazza will be performing at Smith’s Bar at 9:00pm with his quartet. His quartet features Matt Blostein on alto sax, Peter Brendler on bass, Danny Fox on piano and Vinnie on drums. This will be the first time I hear this particular quartet perform and I look forward to it. Vin’s a great drummer and I… Read more →