Quebecite in Pennsylvania

This Wednesday I will be trekking over to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to perform D.D. Jackson’s jazz opera, Quebecite at Moravian College. It has been about four or five years since I performed this music and this time I will have some friends performing in the band. Thomas Morgan (bass) and Shane Endsley (trumpet) will be performing with us which will be… Read more →

Mark Your Calendar

On Thursday, October 23rd, Jacob Sacks and I will be celebrating the release of our latest recording, Imagination, by performing music from the recording at the Ida K. Lang Recital Hall, 7:00pm at Hunter College, New York City. I am really excited about this performance because it will be the first time performing this music since our release in July… Read more →

It’s Turkey Time!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This is technically my second Thanksgiving for this year since Canadian Thanksgiving was in October. My friend Akiko and I are doing a combined effort of cooking and Jacob Sacks will be baking lovely pies (pecan, pumpkin and apple YUMMM!!!!) I am going to do my best to document this event. It… Read more →

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! I’m cooking up a storm in Ottawa, Canada right now so just a quick merry wish to all. I’m looking forward to the new year (so many new and exciting things to come!) CHEERS! Read more →


Earlier on I said that I would write about my first bread making experience. Well on Canadian Thanksgiving (American Columbus Day), Chris and I invited some friends over for dinner and I made turkey, gravy, stuffing and challah bread. For my first try at making bread, I would have to say it turned out alright. It wasn’t dense like a… Read more →

Where the hell did the sun go?!?

Ok, I believe that I am a patient person but, all this rain, gray clouds and general darkness is really starting to get to me. We had one sunny day in I don’t know how long and I’m just starting to get pissed off! Yes, I know, how can you be pissed at something you can’t control? Well, just because… Read more →

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s now 2005, so Happy New Year to all! I don’t know if anyone has made any new year resolutions but, whatever they may be I hope you follow through. I myself have made some resolution but do not want to dump them onto you (at least not now). We had a nice little potluck party here and had… Read more →