Odds and Ends

Dan Loomis: Jobs Trials

Tomorrow night at 8:00pm, I’m performing Dan Loomis’ Jobs Trials at Ibeam in Brooklyn. This music is based on the bible’s Book of Job. There are great musicians performing alongside with me. A wonderful singer out on the scene from Korea, Songyi Jeon, great guitarist, Jeff Miles, Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums (where did this guy come from? Awesome!), the all… Read more →

My First Video

Ok, I did it. I made my first video. This is a big deal for me since I haven’t ever posted a video of myself let alone one of me playing the piano. For those who do not know, I was a classical pianist before I devoted my time to singing. I took a long hiatus from playing and performing… Read more →

August Artist Feature: Miranda Sielaff

This month’s featured artist is the wonderful performer, educator and violist, Miranda Sielaff. Miranda and I go way back to when we used to teach music up in Westchester county back in our early days in New York City. Miranda and I have shared countless meals together over the past decade or so and I’m not sure what her favorite… Read more →

10 Minutes To Get Things Done

We are now well on our way into 2014 and I started off nicely with an afternoon of reading J.S. Back Fugues, Book I with many wonderful musicians hosted by my lovely friend, composer and violinist,Dana Lyn. Nothing feels better than playing some Bach but after that wonderful day, I got a stomach bug and was out for a good… Read more →

The Lion

While celebrating my birthday the other evening, I congratulated my friend Ben Scheuer on his multiple awards for his newest animated video for his song. “The Lion.” As I was telling my other friends about this song, it had just occurred to me that I had sung additional vocals on this track. I am honored to have been part of… Read more →


I am struggling with the concept of balance. As I get older, when I crouch down to my son’s level to talk or hang out with him, I stand up and feel the entire world spinning and I wonder if I might pass out. It has been happening now since my son was born. Not sure what it means but… Read more →

Me and Pilates

On Monday, I had my first private Pilates lesson. I never thought I would see myself spending the money on a private lesson and especially Pilates. I am a boot camp kind of girl. I like to sweat and work hard. After I got carpel tunnel and sprained my ankle last year, all the boot camp classes were history. I… Read more →

I Have What?

So I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel, radial tunnel and tendonitis in both my arms, wrists and thumbs. This post will be brief since typing on a computer keyboard is not recommended for someone with my condition. Over the next little while, I will try to document my journey to heal myself and hopefully be in a better physical,… Read more →

To Be or Not To Be…A Parent

I found this picture of myself and started to think about how my son will turn three next week. It’s hard for me to believe that I am a parent to a toddler and how this little person is constantly blowing my mind with his daily accomplishments. Life as I know it now is so different from when I first… Read more →

Making Up With An Old Friend

Over the past year and a half, I have been studying piano with the amazing Sofia Rosoff. Sofia has rekindled the love that I had for playing the piano the way I did when I was a child. I never thought that the feeling would return. All throughout my undergrad degree I was miserable and loathed playing the next piano… Read more →

Finding My Way Back

Since last August, I have been studying with the incredible piano teacher, Sofia Rosoff. She is a remarkable woman. At 91 years old, she is sharp, wise, generous and awe inspiring. I haven’t been playing the piano seriously for more than 15 years, during which time I was working on my vocal skills. Now I feel ready to really start… Read more →