Month: January 2005

Ah Music!

Last night I played a gig at the 5C Cafe with pianist, Jacob Sacks and guitarist, Ben Monder. It was so much fun! It was the first time playing with Ben even though I’ve known Ben for years and it was a real pleasure to be able to interact with him and Jacob together. We had a nice crowd who… Read more →

Poochie Problems

This morning I was abruptly woken up by CY (my honey) because Coltrane, my sweet 12yr old beagle was just bitten by a dog while on his morning walk. Of course we didn’t notice the bleeding until the walk was over and Coltrane was very stoic and showed no signs of discomfort (but I realize that doesn’t mean anything, since… Read more →

My Show Tonight!

Well I’m getting ready for the gig tonight with pianist Jacob Sacks and special guest, guitarist, Ben Monder. Photocopying music, writing music and other sorts of stuff will be going on today. I will hopefully be recording the evening and if all goes well, perhaps I can put up a sample. Anyone in NYC area come by and check out… Read more →

Gerald Cleaver Music

On Wednesday night (January 26th), I went to Barbes to see my friend and great drummer, Gerald Cleaver. His band was an all star line up: Tony Malaby (saxophone), Craig Taborn (wurlitzer), Drew Gress (bass), and Mat Maneri (electric viola). The music was all originals from Gerald and they were fresh and interesting. Every member in his band are so… Read more →

My First Posting of My Gig!

Well today I write my first post of my show this Saturday. I’m really excited about it because Jacob Sacks (pianist extrordinaire) and I are playing with our dear friend and killin’ guitarist, Ben Monder! This is my first time playing with Ben and I’m totally stoked! So anyone in the New York City area, come out and join us.… Read more →


Last night I went to one of my favourite restaurants, Al Di La. CY (my main man) and I went out on a blizzardy night and had our tummys filled with wonderful Italian cuisine. CY and I shared the appetizer special; grilled sardines over baby arugula with a fennel vinegarette. Then for a main course, CY had the special; sweet… Read more →

Wow! I Can’t believe I Found This.

So, I was organizing my cd’s trying to set some order in my life (tough job!) and I found a recording that I did back in 1999. It’s one of the only high quality recordings that I have of me playing piano and singing. I almost never sing and play at the same time and it’s funny to hear myself… Read more →

Sweet Solo

Last night I went to see trombonist Jacob Garchik, (a member of 4inObjects), perform solo. Elixir is a health food juice bar by day and on Thursday nights when the food service has closed down, the music starts to happen. I don’t know much about the series they have there but it has been my second visit to Elixir to… Read more →

Jacob Garchik Solo

Tonight the trombonist of 4inObjects, Jacob Garchik, will be performing solo trombone at Elixir Smart Bar in NYC. This is the second member of 4inObjects to do solo work in the past month. I’m excited to check it out since this is the first time I’ve gone to check out music since my “Nightmare of the Carob” incident. I’m sure… Read more →

Sperrazza/Blostein Quartet Tonight

Tonight my roomie, Vinnie Sperrazza will be performing at Smith’s Bar at 9:00pm with his quartet. His quartet features Matt Blostein on alto sax, Peter Brendler on bass, Danny Fox on piano and Vinnie on drums. This will be the first time I hear this particular quartet perform and I look forward to it. Vin’s a great drummer and I… Read more →

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