Month: September 2005

Ruining a perfectly good night of eating

Last night after a long day of teaching little children how to play the piano, Jacob, Chris and I decide to go to the East Village and eat at this Italian restaurant called Max. Max makes their own pasta and the food is really reasonably priced. We were sitting besides some folks who were celebrating a birthday and they brought… Read more →

The King Is In The Building

Last Monday night 4inObjects had a gig at the 55 Bar and at the end of our first set, one of my musical heros walked in. Nancy King, one of the greatest jazz vocalists alive and kicking some major ass! She was in town recording for Concord records and she came in to see me sing, ME! It was really… Read more →

Thank You 55 Bar

Tonight I went to the “Thank You Musicians” party at the 55 Bar. Queva (the owner of the 55) is one of the most supportive individuals in the New York City music scene. She helped 4inObjects get a start at the 55 and I am forever grateful. She digs the music and she is extremely generous in everyway one can… Read more →

Feeling Uninspired

Feeling uninspired lately. I’m also very busy getting things ready in the new apartment and getting the 4inObjects website ready and working on the Restless Spirit Music Series and mastering the 4inObjects CD. A lot on the plate. Still, I’m starting to build up the courage to start making home-made bread. I’ve been getting curious and I think I’m just… Read more →

Moved and Happy

Well, we’ve finally moved and we handed our keys to our other landlady and got the big thumbs up on the inspection of the apartment. I think our landlady was rather surprised at how good the apartment looked after three years. It was sort of sad to leave the old neighbourhood and I will miss it there. I’m starting to… Read more →

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