Month: October 2008

Tune In Wednesday

This Wednesday, October 22 at 6:00pm, pianist Jacob Sacks and I will be on WKCR 89.9FM on the Jazz Alternatives: Musician’s Show. We will be playing some selections of our music and music that has influenced us over the years. You can listen to this broadcast on the web or on your radio. So all you Canadians can tune in… Read more →

Vinnie Sperrazza and Matt Blostein

Tonight I will be at The Cornelia Street Cafe to help celebrate the Vinnie Sperrazza and Matt Blostein group’s debut CD “Ursa Minor” on Envoi Recordings. I have known Vinnie Sperrazza and have had the pleasure to play music with him for over six years and in that time I have witnessed an artist who is truly finding his own… Read more →

More Books

Over the past two months I have finished reading an interesting range of books. The most recent book that I’ve read is The Gargoyle, by Andrew Davidson (a Canadian!) It’s about a man who suffers horrible burns from a car accident. While in the burn unit at the hospital he meets a woman who claims that they were lovers 700… Read more →

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