Month: July 2017

Korean Food In Park Slope

A few weeks ago, on 7th Ave, I noticed a little sign in a window that looked like a Korean food joint.  It was!  Today I decided to try it out. Hanki “Everyday Korean” in Park Slope at first looked like an order and go joint.  The opening is small and cramped but very clean.  When I entered, the server… Read more →


Today I did a photography composition workshop at in DUMBO.  We spent a few hours studying composition and then went out to make some photos. It was fun to analyze famous paintings and photographs and what makes them successful, compositionally speaking.  Some of the things to keep in mind when creating a photo are lines, shapes, color contrast, texture… Read more →


Tomorrow I do an all day photography workshop on the “Art of Composition.”  I’m excited to learn more about how to see and create a good photo.  I have already gone to a composition seminar and have been reading a lot about the essentials of photography.  I’m happy to be going into the work shop with a little bit of… Read more →

Create More

I wanted to shut down and watch Netflix tonight.  Just as I was about to open up good ole Netflix, I remembered a line from a photography blog I’ve been reading he says, “create more.”  I picked up my staff paper and wrote another line of counterpoint.  It was hard and I wanted to quit but I realize that I always… Read more →

Owls At Night

  Over the past year I have created a new trio with violinist Dana Lyn and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza. This is a completely new thing for me because I not only singing but also playing the piano and composing all the music. THIS IS BIG! Not to get into too many details but in a previous post, I talk about… Read more →

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