Check This Out

Check This Out

So I told you that I just came back from Moncton, New Brunswick. Well I was with D.D. Jackson (he wrote the music to the jazz opera I was performing). While D.D. and I were in the Montreal airport, D.D. interviewed me for his podcast. If you would like to hear it click here. It is podcast #16. It’s cool, my first interview on the internet.

This is finally getting me motivated to put up my first podcast which I talk about with D.D. Check it out, it will be coming very soon!

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  1. Just re-listened to D.D. Jackson’s podcast no. 16 and wondered if you have put your own podcast in the meantime. I couldn’t find one, so I guess you had changed your mind. However, if you still would offer one, you’d already have a faithful listener in me.
    Best wishes to you.

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