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  1. Hi Yoon, this is Kyung Yoon, mother of Matthew Wang–the student you gave singing lessons to some years ago. I’ve been hoping to reconnect with you and found your website. Can you email me at If you are still teaching, I would love to find a time for more lessons for Matthew who has progressed quite far musically and now has his own teenage rock band! Look forward to hearing from you. Best, Kyung

  2. hello Yoon,
    We met while I was in NYC studying with Sophia. I returned to Seattle in February. I miss hearing you and talking with you at class. I recently came across a youtube video of you performing with Carmen Staaf which led me to your website, and I’m happy to have found it! I hope our paths cross again, sooner rather than later. I wish I could return to NYC to study again as I merely scratched the surface, although Sophia was able to help me in so many ways. Please give her my best (if she remembers me!) and best to you as well. Cynthia

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