Yeah Drums!

This Thursday (01/06/05) at 7:00pm, my friend and drummer of 4inObjects (the band I play in) Dan Weiss will be playing at the 55 Bar. Dan will be playing drum set but playing traditional North Indian tabla compositions with guitarist Miles Okazaki. Dan is incredible! If you live in New York City and you are free that night, you should go and check it out. If you don’t know anything about North Indian music or if you don’t think that’s your vibe, then go see Dan play on another night (4inObjects will be playing in February so keep an eye out for a posting). But, if you’re curious, you should definitely take the time and check it out. The sheer skill that it takes to play the drums this way is unbelievable. It’s free and the 55 Bar is a cool hang. It is a listening bar so don’t go there expecting to be able to chat it up with friends because everyone will start hissing at you and don’t be surprised if someone just turns around and tells you to “shut the f**k up!”