The Birthday Hang

Last night was Jacob’s (my best friend) birthday. We hung out at this great little restaurant in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn called Cafe Luluc (214 Smith Street off the F train, Bergen station). This is one of Jacob’s regular eating joints. I have eaten there many times but I haven’t been there for a while and the menu has changed slightly. About 10 of us ate lots of yummy eats. I started with mussels with tomatoes and fennel in white wine sauce. Then my husband and I shared a “tornado style” salmon (the fish was a cylindar shape) with mashed sweet potatoe and swiss chard. The salmon was a perfect medium rare and the potatoes were creamy and sweet. I really enjoyed my meal and I think everyone else liked what they had. The menu at Cafe Luluc has something for everyone, fish, steak, chicken, pork, pasta, vegetarian, sandwiches and a burger too. The prices are fairly reasonable, anywhere between $8.00-$16.00 and they have a nice brunch also. Last night’s surprise delight was the hazelnut ice cream that was served with the molten chocolate cake. That was killin’! (the cake was good too). The staff at Cafe Luluc are very cool (we can be a bit of a rowdy bunch).
If you plan to go and check out this cafe make sure you bring enough cash because they don’t take plastic.