Congrats, Jacob, on a Great Night of Music

Last night was the beginning of the Jacob Sacks New Music Series 2005. This series was inspired by Jacob’s 10 year anniversary of moving to New York City. This first concert’s performers were Jacob Garchik and Ben Gerstein on trombones, Thomas Morgan on bass, Dan Weiss on drums and Jacob Sacks on piano. It was a real thrill for me to watch this show. For one thing, Jacob Sacks hasn’t written any new music in almost 4 years and I was looking forward to what was going to be presented. Also, to get to hear all these great musicians play together and hear Jacob play a Steinway grand piano is a beautiful thing. Jacob has spent the past month conceptualizing and composing music for this concert and I was not disappointed by the results.

Ben and Jacob Garchik are two of the finest trombonists in the city. They are not only virtuosic players but they both have distinct and unique voices on their instrument. It was a pleasure to hear them perform together, especially in the second set when they were featured on Jacob Sacks’ composition “Trombone March” which was a Stravinsky inspired piece. A memorable solo in the last tune of the first set, “From the Record Vault”, came from Ben Gerstein, who played a “burst at the seams” solo.

Dan is always creative and powerful in every musical situation I have seen him in and Thomas played a beautiful opening to the piece, “B.L.O.P.” (Bass Line Opening Piece-for the lack of a title). Thomas chooses the most interesting rhythms and notes on the bass and his musical sensitivity is moving. Thomas’ artistry and musicality is so deep that I don’t think it would matter what instrument he played but, that the genius would always be heard.

Jacob’s compositions was the vehicle for all this creativity and it was wonderful to hear this spontaneous, interactive music. Jacob of course played beautifully and I am always mesmorized when I hear him play. His sound and touch on the piano is heavenly. The piano itself was alright in sound but Jacob can make any piano sound good even if the pianos haven’t been touched in decades.(I have witnessed this in the past).

Overall, I have to say that Jacob Sacks’ opening night in his new music series was a success. I encourage all who love creative music to come and check out Jacob whenever you can. You can always come to What’s Cooking? for updates on Jacob Sacks’ New Music Series 2005 and other performances which he is involved in. You will not be disappointed.