The Nightmare of a Carob

Well, it has been a rough start to the weekend. On Thursday I discovered that I must be allergic to carobs. I was rehearsing with the Rob Garcia’s band, Sangha, for a gig we have today (I’ll post that in a bit), and we had a snack break and I was offered a carob covered almond. I took about 5 and then in about 10 minutes I got a raging migraine! Now I have had food induced migraines before but never so suddenly or so intense. As I walked home from the rehearsal, I became worse. By the time an hour went by I was in fetal position praying for the nausea to pass. Well….it didn’t and from 4:30pm till about midnight I was worshipping the porcelain god with projectile velocity (nice right?). In my experience, nothing is worse than you wanting to rip your guts out and having an ice pick through the forehead. Once that was over I could finally lie in bed without wishing I was dead! The migraine raged on but at least I wasn’t throwing up anymore.
Friday was tough because I was recovering from an eventful evening and I had a 3 hour recording session that afternoon and I was attending the Jacob Sacks New Music Series that evening (review of the show in another posting coming soon). The recording was a bit tough but it went well all things considered.
I’m back on solid food now (thank god!) and getting ready for the Sangha gig tonight.

Just thinking the word “carob” makes me gag and if I never see another carob again in my life it will be too soon.

I’m for REAL chocolate, all the way!!