Sweet Solo

Last night I went to see trombonist Jacob Garchik, (a member of 4inObjects), perform solo. Elixir is a health food juice bar by day and on Thursday nights when the food service has closed down, the music starts to happen. I don’t know much about the series they have there but it has been my second visit to Elixir to check out some free improvised music.

Jacob played 4 short improvised pieces using various mutes and an echo microphone (something you could pick up at Toy R Us). He has a beautiful sound which was heard on the first piece. You hear his great technical ability on his third piece when he started to play fast staccatos and using a plunger mute with a kazoo attached at the end. Each piece displayed a variety of sound and interesting rhythms. The last piece was more of a sound exploration with the echo mic which I enjoyed quite a bit.

When Jacob improvises I feel that he thinks like a composer and creates spontaneous little miniature compositions. I believe all great improvisers work that way. Using a motive or two and continuously developing them throughout the improvisation.

Jacob and I had a discussion after his performance about improvisation and what he would recommend to anyone who wants to continue developing as an improvising artist. Some of the recommendations were to work on technique, listen and play classical music, practise improvising exercises and create a small motive and create a whole improvisation based on the motive. Jacob told me that alot of these improvising ideas are taught by the great composer and improvising artist Joe Maneri.

Jacob gave a beautiful performance and I look forward to hearing and playing with him soon.