Last night I went to one of my favourite restaurants, Al Di La. CY (my main man) and I went out on a blizzardy night and had our tummys filled with wonderful Italian cuisine.

CY and I shared the appetizer special; grilled sardines over baby arugula with a fennel vinegarette. Then for a main course, CY had the special; sweet and sour glazed pork ribs with onions and a coleslaw salad (this coleslaw is nothing like what the 24hour diner serves). I had the rock shrimp, tomato, parsley risotto (Oh my god!) It was so good. It inspired me. The next risotto I make, I want to get that beautiful creamy sauce consistency. It was all heavenly. This restaurant is moderate in price but, for us struggling artists, it was pricey. As New York prices go, it’s reasonable especially for the quality.

If you’re in Brooklyn, Park Slope area, you should definitely check this place out. You will leave happy and stuffed.