Indian Food, Finally!

Finally there is a decent Indian restaurant in Park Slope. Kinara is located on 473 5th Ave in Brooklyn. I noticed this restaurant a couple of months ago and was surprised to see an Indian restaurant located there.

Saturday night after my gig with Jacob Sacks and Ben Monder, CY, Jacob and our friend Aga went out for dinner. We tried to go to an Italian restaurant in the East Village but it was over an hour wait and we just couldn’t wait. So we drove back to Brooklyn and Aga mentioned this Indian restaurant on 5th Ave. I was curious about it because I had seen it earlier on and I had already tried the only other two Indian restaurants in the Slope. Kinara surpasses them both, by far.

We started out with the vegetarian samosas and some pakoras. Even though I’m not really into a potato texture, I enjoyed the samosa’s flavour. The papad (I think that’s what they’re called) was spicy and I totally dug it even though my mouth was burning. I ordered the usual, chicken tikka masala. It was heavenly! What I liked was the buttery flavour and the creamy smoothness of the sauce. Also, the chicken was juicy and tender. CY had saag ponir and Jacob and Aga both had the lamb saagwala. The spinach dishes were flavourful and the texture was so creamy. The naan was huge and piping hot. The folks at Kinara were so friendly and patient with us since we showed up just when the kitchen was about to close. They even gave us complimentary mango lassies(?)

It was a pleasant surprise to come back to Brooklyn and find that the neighbourhood has such a wonderful, new, good eats joint. I’ll be back to Kinara soon. Double bonus for all us hard working, no money making artists; the lunch special is 50% off the in house menu price (whoopee!!)