4inObjects at the 55 Bar this Tuesday

This Tuesday, February 22, 4inObjects (the collective quintet I play in) will be performing at the 55 Bar at 7:00pm. It’s so great to play with some of the most talented young musicians in New York City (Jacob Sacks on rhodes, Dave Ambrosio on bass, Jacob Garchik on trombone and Dan Weiss on drums and yours truly singing).

If all goes well this weekend, I will have a new tune to present on Tuesday that I wrote a while back. Writing music is one of the most painstaking tasks that I do. I received a composition degree and I still have nasty flash backs of sleepless nights and total emotional freak outs trying to notate my ideas. If you can’t tell, I’m not the most prolific composer. It takes me months to start writing anything down. I usually complete the composition on the piano first and then try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to notate everything. Sometimes I compose stuff that I just don’t know how to write down. I might hear some rhythm very clearly in my head and I just can’t figure out what the hell I was doing (it comes in handy when you have good friends who are great drummers like my roomie, Vin).

I’m really looking forward to Tuesday (Feb 22, 7:00pm, if I didn’t mention it, ha!) We’re going to do some new tunes and I can’t wait to hear what the guys will do to it.

God, I love music!!!