Beagle Birthday

On Sunday, we are having a birthday party for my little beagle, Coltrane. Now anyone who is a dog owner or pet owner with no kids can totally get into the concept of a birthday party for your dog. Sometimes when I think about it seems silly. BUT, I love the fact that Coltrane has been around and in my life for 12 years. This dog has witnessed a lot in my life. If he could talk, he’d expose many secrets (I’m trying to make my life seem more mysterious and exciting than it is).

Coltrane’s birthday is another excuse to have a wonderful potluck party that I like to host at our place. This year we are doing Mexican food. My friend Jacob Garchik (trombonist extrordinaire) is making a great guacamole (normally I like to make the guac but I tried Jacob’s last summer and love the way he makes it – totally different from mine). I will be making homemade salsa with roasted tomatoes and maybe some roasted red peppers. Jacob Sacks (my best friend and kickass pianist), will be making his margharitas which will make us all nice and tipsy and warm inside. The main dish will be fajhitas filled with chicken, beans or shrimp.

Of course, I cannot forget my sweet little pooch. I am making white fish and sweet potato for Coltrane. Sounds extravagant? Well it is, and it’s all he can eat since he has a protein allergy. Normally, I would feed him canned food mixed with dry food but, tomorrow he gets it all fresh and made with lots of TLC. Only the best for my little pooch.

Here is a pic from last year’s festivities.