Great Gig

Last Thursday, 4inObjects performed at Cornelia Street Cafe and we had a blast. I can’t tell enough people how much I love playing with my friends who happen to be brilliant musicians.

We performed a new tune that I wrote and it sounded great (I was especially impressed since they were sight-reading some not-so-easy music). It was a really nice crowd and I met some new people who have now become new fans (thanks for coming to the show and sticking around!) To my friends and my Chris, I’m so happy that you could be at the show.

The next 4inObjects show that is scheduled will not happen until June 20th at the 55 Bar. Hopefully, we’ll be able to play sooner than that. For now, Dan Weiss goes on tour for at least three weeks in Europe and so we won’t be scheduling anything before that. I hope to have some free downloads of some original music from our live shows. Keep dropping by to find out more.