Music and Imagination

Well, I have just returned from Ann Arbor, Michigan late last night. Jacob and myself did a duo concert at the Kerrytown Conert House “on Saturday, April 9. It was a beautiful old house where the main floor was their performance space and upstairs were teaching studios. The acoustics were so amazing that I didn’t use a microphone. Jacob played a beautiful 7ft. Steinway. It was a wonderful concert. The house was almost full and there were a lot of friends and family who came a long way to see us play (ex. Toronto and Chicago).

The first half of the show we played duo and the second half, we invited two of Jacob’s old musical colleagues, bassist, Tim Flood and clarinetist and saxophonist, Andrew Bishop. The last set were all originals and the first set was a combination of originals, children songs, pop songs and jazz standards.

The whole night was a great success. Jacob and I were excited and very emotional. Everytime Jacob and I get to play in a beautiful concert space on a great piano with an attentive audience, it tends to over whelm us with a lot of wonderful emotions. We promised each other that we would try our best to make sure that this type of performances were more frequent.

The last time we had a great run of concerts was when we did a small Ontario tour to promote our debut CD “Soulmates”. All the pianos were good and we had very attentive audiences. My hope is that this would be the norm for us. It’s starting to look that way.