Didn’t you know the King was in town?

On Thursday, May 5th, there was a surprise show of Nancy King in New York City. This was a very special event since she is rarely in NYC, and that Nancy came with her musical partner Steve Christofferson from Portland, Oregon and they performed one set at the Duplex in the Village (Greenwich Village for all those who don’t live here).

I was disheartened to see that there were less than 20 people in the audience. The last time Nancy played in NYC it was a sold out show. This performance was an event since it was the first time both Steve and Nancy have come to NYC. Their real purpose of being here was for our dear friend Deidre Rodman’s wedding, which they were performing at. I feel very lucky that I got to see them twice in one week.

Nancy and Steve did a wonderful collection of standards and originals. The two have been playing together for almost 30 years! There is a magic between them that I can really relate to ( I feel that magic when I play with Jacob Sacks). They know each other so well and there is a musical understanding between each other that is their own language. It was a real treat to hear them together.

There were moments when I thought I was going to start weeping because the music was so beautiful. Once was when they played Nancy’s original tune Moonlight to You. Nancy’s musicality and sense of delivery is so deep that she could sing the phone book and make someone cry. The hour set was too short but it was so wonderful to hear Nancy King with her lifelong musical partner Steve Christofferson. I’ve listened to all the recordings I could get my hands on but it’s unbelieveable when it’s live.

Thanks Nancy and thanks Steve.

The following Saturday was our friend, Deidre Rodman’s wedding up in the Catskills and it was glorious and sunny and the whole day was wonderful. The food was great (I went for two helpings of steak and all the fixings!) The evening was filled with music and a lot of love. Nancy and Steve played at the reception (that will be the classiest act at a wedding I will ever witness).
It made me feel so good to see Deidre and Ben get married and to be with them and all of our friends. It was also great to get out of the city (whoopee!)