Memorial Weekend

I can’t believe that it is the end of May and that six months of 2005 have passed. The weekend (I should really say Saturday) was filled with lots of fun. On Saturday we had our annual picnic in the park and about 15 of us met at the lake and had a few hours of feasting and laughing and playing “little slugger” baseball (just a plastic ball and bat for some laughs). I made oven fried chicken and brought lots of watermelon. There was ceasar salad, fruit salad, california rolls, crab pancakes, cheese, tuna casserole, turkey sandwiches, guacamole, black beans, collard greens, chips and salsa and brownies and cookie bars (from dessert man, Jacob of course).

After hours of stuffing ourselves silly and hanging out in the great outdoors, we departed and some of us went back to my place and took a nice long nap. After our slumber we went to the Cornelia Street Cafe to hear Open Loose Mark Helias’ trio. The music was really great! So creative and open, I loved it.

If you can believe it, at 10:30pm we went and ate at Po (great Italian restaurant) and had some gnocchi and a mustard green salad. It was a day and night filled with food (my kind of day!)