Good Music

Last night was filled with great music. I went to the Downtown Music Gallery (one of the greatest cd, record stores in town!) to see my friends play in the store. The line up was Chris Mannigan (alto sax), Michael Bates (bass) and Todd Neufeld (guitar). It was just under an hour set and they… Continue reading Good Music

4inObjects’ Photos

Last night I just got the first 4inObjects promo photo. I was very excited to see that we all don’t look too dopey. We’re gettin’ started on our website and working on releasing our debut CD so keep your eyes and ears open for some updates.

What am I doing?

So I’ve come to realize that I put too much pressure on myself to write a post. As one can see, the last post was almost a month ago. I want to talk about stuff and it just seems like too much to talk about (so silly, I know). Well, I’ve decided to just write… Continue reading What am I doing?

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