Good Music

Last night was filled with great music. I went to the Downtown Music Gallery (one of the greatest cd, record stores in town!) to see my friends play in the store. The line up was Chris Mannigan (alto sax), Michael Bates (bass) and Todd Neufeld (guitar). It was just under an hour set and they played original music and a free piece (all you non-musicians out there, that means a free improvisation-no music written). The Downtown Music Gallery is a great place to find rare recordings and some of the best avant garde jazz you could ever find. I will be performing there sometime in October, so come and check out the store and the show.

After the DMG, I went to Barbes to hear my friend Judith Berkson do her solo show. I got to hear some songs that were new, a Schumman leider, a song from the Jewish liturgy that is sung in the synagogues, a Turkish piece and a great version of “Some Enchanted Evening”. Judith was inspiring, tender and powerful in all her pieces and I really enjoyed listening to her.

Overall, it was a great night and I got to do it all in under a $10 bugdet which is awesome!