Moved and Happy

Well, we’ve finally moved and we handed our keys to our other landlady and got the big thumbs up on the inspection of the apartment. I think our landlady was rather surprised at how good the apartment looked after three years. It was sort of sad to leave the old neighbourhood and I will miss it there. I’m starting to enjoy the new hood though. There are gorgeous big trees lining our block and the neighbours seem nice.

Chris and I love our apartment and I just got myself a beautiful baby grand piano which I haven’t been able to stop playing since it got moved in! The piano is a new and very welcomed addition to our household. Since I moved to NYC (about five years), I came with no piano just a keyboard and I’ve been longing for a piano ever since. Now I have one in my living room and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to numerous sessions and rehearsals and lots of practising.