Ruining a perfectly good night of eating

Last night after a long day of teaching little children how to play the piano, Jacob, Chris and I decide to go to the East Village and eat at this Italian restaurant called Max. Max makes their own pasta and the food is really reasonably priced.

We were sitting besides some folks who were celebrating a birthday and they brought their own birthday cake to the restaurant. The staff told them while they started eating their cake that they weren’t allowed to bring outside food into the restaurant and were asked to put the cake away (I think). Anyways, the one guy was really being loud and obnoxious about the whole thing. I’m only speculating but, I think the birthday guy was a bit embarrassed by the way things were turning out. His friend got out of hand and he just started yelling and was sort being unreasonable and looking like an idiot to the rest of the patrons in the joint. It was stupid and quite honestly I got really dark because it really made me upset to witness that and I didn’t want to eat anymore. On top of the commotion, our food took more than 45 minutes to get to us and the servers didn’t fill our water glasses or check up on us for more than a half an hour.

The food was quite good though. I had their lasagna, Chris had the gnocchi with fresh mozzarella and marinara sauce and Jacob had the black spaghetti with shrimp and spicy tomato sauce. The whole “yelling patron ” thing was a really unpleasant experience and it made it hard to enjoy the rest of my meal. I know that these kinds of incidents don’t happen all the time and I shouldn’t hold the restaurant in a bad light but I guess to industry standards in New York the service was mediocure that night even though the food was good.

The one good thing that Max’s did was they gave us a complimentary tiaramisu and that was really tasty. I will go back to Max’s (like I said, the food was quite good) but for now I will be taking a little break from the place… I hear enough yelling on the street.

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