Earlier on I said that I would write about my first bread making experience. Well on Canadian Thanksgiving (American Columbus Day), Chris and I invited some friends over for dinner and I made turkey, gravy, stuffing and challah bread.

For my first try at making bread, I would have to say it turned out alright. It wasn’t dense like a rock and it had a good flavour to it. I used my Kitchen Aide mixer to do all the goopy stuff and then I took it out for all the real hand kneading.

Dough is tough. When I punched it I actually felt a sting on my fist. I can imagine that back in the olden days the women and men making bread had some serious arms. The kneading is tedious and hard work. My advice to anyone who tries to make bread: give it some good hand work. Don’t skimp on the kneading.

My stove is funny. In my old apartment, the stove didn’t get hot enough. Now in my new apartment, the stove gets too hot. So, when I thought I had it at 375F, it was really 425F. The bread baked quicker and the crust was thicker and harder than I had anticipated. But when I cut into the loaf, it was wonderful and tasty. Maybe it’s because it was warm and baked goods, even when they’re mediocre, still taste good when fresh out of the oven.

The overall review of the bread from the guests was good, although I don’t know if they were being polite or telling the truth ( I will assume the latter). I had fun making the bread and today will be another attempt at challah but using a different recipe. Hopefully my first bread making attempt was not beginners luck.