One Step Closer

So yesterday I had a 11 hour day going up to Orangeburg, NY mastering the debut CD of 4inObjects. We went to BangZoom Productions and the mastering engineer, Steve Vavagiakis was great. I would definitely recommend him for mastering acoustic recorded works. Steve was friendly and gave helpful advice during the session.

It’s amazing what mastering does to a recording. It made the music come out and become “alive”. It sounded the way I remember it happening, it was wonderful to hear. Jacob and I were giddy as school kids when we heard the recording being mastered. It just sounded so good! Anyone who thinks they can get away with putting out a recording without mastering will surely regret it in the long run.

I was exhausted by the time I got home (left the house at 9:15am and returned 8:15pm) but very excited about the final product that I brought back with me.

4inObjects is one step closer to finishing and finally putting out this CD (it’s long over due).

Mark it in your calendars; anyone in New York City on Sunday, January 29th at 9:30pm is our “Pre-release CD Party” at the 55 Bar.

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