IAJE Madness

Well I think I have recovered from IAJE. It is such a bizarre atmosphere. In the one hand, it’s exciting for students all over the globe to get a chance to come to NY and perform and check out artists that they’ve only heard and not seen. For professional artists, it’s a wheel and deal sort of thing. Everybody is trying to meet this person and that person is trying to shop their record and this person is trying to get their music book published etc. etc… There is definitely energy all over. It’s hard to say whether I like it. My friend and wonderful musician Amanda Monaco, was really pumped and energized and I felt like I was about to fall over.
It was really great to bump into Amanda at the IAJE. She has a spirit that is really inspiring and makes you wish you weren’t such an Eeyore about things.

I was working the JZVOC (The Jazz Vocal Coaliation) booth for a few hours each day. I have to admit, I did meet some interesting people and I caught up with some folks that I never ever see. So I have to say that there were some highlights. IAJE is to happen in NYC again next year. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get to perform…you never know…

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