The First Storm

Saturday night was the debut perfomance of my E String Band. It was yours truly, singing away; Jacob Sacks on melodica; Khabu Young on eukelele and Thomas Morgan on my child size E string guitar. We played at the Crossroads Cafe in Brooklyn (in my old hood). We just had a blast playing Hank Williams, Hoagy Carmichael, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, New Order, the Everly Brothers and tons of other crazy stuff. The music went in all different directions and it was so much fun. The owners of Crossroads are just fantastic and the food is real nice. The attendance was small because that night through to Sunday afternoon, New York City had it’s biggest snowfall in over 50 years. Being Canadian you get use to the big snowfalls. This one was pretty and not too cold.

On Sunday I was forced to have a snow day. My gig with the Andrew Rathbun Big Band was postponed and my best friend Jacob was stranded at our place (his car covered in 26 inches of snow). So what do you do on a snow day? You take your dog out (who happens to love snow) and go out for long walks and watch him have fun, spend two hours shovelling out your best friend’s car, watch TV show DVDs (I love Law and Order… it’s a weakness); cook,bake and play music.

It’s now Thursday and all the snow is melting away. It’s been over 50 degrees for the past two days so the snow doesn’t have a chance. It’s been rather disgusting crossing streets with all the slush. You have to make sure you don’t land in a huge puddle of slush when you think it’s pavement, ugh!

I’m looking forward to the next week. It’s winter break for schools and that means no teaching for a few days. I love to teach but I haven’t had a day off (until last Sunday) in over six weeks. I need a break. I’m looking forward to practising, writing music, cooking, watching some movies and hanging out with Coltrane and Chris. Life is good.

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