Picnic Fun

So yesterday I was up at 6:30am and I went to do a church gig until 12:15pm and then I headed off to Prospect Park to have our annual Memorial Weekend picnic. I can actually say “annual” because this is the fourth year we’ve done this and it’s turned out so great everytime. Lots of… Continue reading Picnic Fun

She Is King

Last night I went to see my friend and musical hero Nancy King at the Jazz Standard. She was having her CD release from MaxJazz with pianist, Fred Hersch. It was wonderful to see her and hear her sing. She has a magic that is really hard to find today. Nancy’s interpretive and improvisational skills… Continue reading She Is King

Check This Out

So I told you that I just came back from Moncton, New Brunswick. Well I was with D.D. Jackson (he wrote the music to the jazz opera I was performing). While D.D. and I were in the Montreal airport, D.D. interviewed me for his podcast. If you would like to hear it click here. It… Continue reading Check This Out

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It’s Been A While

I noticed that I haven’t made an entry in almost two months! Life just grabs you and takes you away from things sometimes. I’m excited today because tonight Jacob Sacks and moi are having our regular monthly Restless Spirit Music Series and our special guest is drummer Matt Wilson. I’m totally psyched. I love hearing… Continue reading It’s Been A While