Picnic Fun

So yesterday I was up at 6:30am and I went to do a church gig until 12:15pm and then I headed off to Prospect Park to have our annual Memorial Weekend picnic. I can actually say “annual” because this is the fourth year we’ve done this and it’s turned out so great everytime. Lots of my friends and Chris’ friends came out and brought lots of yummy treats. I made turkey meatballs with coriander chutney and tabbouleh.

I love gathering friends together and sharing our happiness. It was a gorgeous day and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I was exhausted by the end of it. Of course the weekend wouldn’t be right without me seeing a movie after the picnic. Coincidently I’ve been doing that for the past two years now. Some of us went to see the X-Men movie later on that night. It was entertaining. I can’t say it was really good but I was definitely entertained.

Today was a lazy and enjoyable day. I took my dog out for a relaxing walk around the neighbourhood and then I had a big brunch with Chris and I watched an episode of one of my new favourite shows “Battle Star Galactica” (I confess, I love space shows and super heroes).

Later on in the afternoon, I had a session with my friend Peter and his friend, pianist Greg (don’t know Greg’s last name) and we did some free improv, a new original piece I wrote, a standard and some Robert Schumann (very deep). Later, Chris and I made some risotto, salmon and brocolini for Peter, Greg and ourselves…yuuummmm…

Overall, it was a great weekend. I won’t have another day off until June 17 (which I find disconcerting), but I know that the time off I did have, I spent wisely.