Yeah Yeah Records Is Now Live!

It is finally here! Our record label Yeah Yeah Records is now up and running. Below is an excerpt from our mission statement and business plan. If you want to read the full scoop, please visit the website.

We want to build a place that jazz fans, new or old, can come to in order to browse, listen and discuss the kind of music we love to play. We figure that if you find our links section useful, you might come back. And if you find our forum interesting, you might come back for that. You’ll come back, we hope, if the blog on the front page turns out to have useful and interesting posts. And if our catalog turns out to be a handy place to do comparison shopping and get information and ideas about new artists of potential interest to you, then perhaps you’ll just give in and hang out here all the time. So this is how we’re trying to get your attention: By making it worth your while to stick around.

Chris has put so much into the site and helped build the concept of our label. Jacob Sacks and I are so excited about this. We know that record labels are sort of a thing from the past. This is an idealistic, and optimistic approach to gathering our musical community together and making it stronger. We hope you like it cause we love it!

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