Theater Of War

Tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival is the premiere of my friends, Adriane Geibel (line producer) and John Walter’s (director) documentary Theater Of War. This is a wonderful documentary about Bertolt Brecht’s play Mother Courage that stars Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline and is adapted by Tony Kushner. I had the honour of viewing the film while it was still in it’s preliminary stages and I am very excited to see it in it’s finished form tonight.

Anyone who is free tonight in New York should come and check this film out (if there are tickets left). John is a great film maker with vision and real artistic integrity. Check out his documentary How To Draw A Bunny (a doc about the artist, Ray Johnson) at MOMA next month. MOMA is featuring films with jazz scores and How To Draw A Bunny is scored by the late Max Roach. This was (I think) Max’s final work before he passed away. It’s great and you should all go!

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