Twilight Movie – Disappointing

So it’s almost 3:00am and I have just returned from opening night of the movie, Twilight. I am one of the million readers who fell in love with the Twilight Saga.
I didn’t have very high expectations with the movie but I was deeply disappointed with what was put out.

Overall I felt that the script was weak, the direction cheesy and Kristen Stewart’s acting pretty sucky. I might be able to find a better word but sucky feels appropriate. The movie was choppy and had no flow or any character development whatsoever. This is suppose to be an amazing romance and I couldn’t find any romance, anywhere. No real sense of relationship was built between the main characters. There was no chemistry and it was just uninteresting. Each scene was broken up into little undeveloped chapters and everything was laid out in a way that was boring, stupidly obvious and the whole Bella narration was quite irritating.

Getting into more trivial details, the make-up used for the vampire’s pale skin was very amateur. You could see the make-up lines on the faces of most of the characters. It was laughable and kind of embarrassing. Even Edward Cullen’s fashions were sad. Here you have this very attractive young man and all you can do is dress him up in some boring, dull, gray peacoat and jeans?! Where was the amazing leather jacket he was suppose to lend to Bella after bringing her home from the restaurant, not to mention the the turtleneck he was suppose to be wearing in the restaurant scene? Where was the dashing rain coat he wears when he first picks Bella up for school? Edward Cullen is constantly described as a beautiful model-like young man with impeccable fashion sense and there was nothing outstanding with his fashion. Considering all the bad things about the movie, I felt that Robert Pattinson did the best he could with what he was given. He fared best in regards to the acting (it was a tough job) and he was definitely stunning and that was entertaining but it couldn’t hold up the entire movie.

Only one moment in the movie I found satisfying and that was the first kiss scene. Pattinson did a good job with the struggle and feelings of desire and I was somewhat impressed with that. But unfortunately a two minute scene is not going to satisfy me or make me pleased with the $12.50 I just gave up for this movie.

If you haven’t read the books try them. They are really fun and I couldn’t put them down. I always knew the movie version could not live up to the book but the movie made the Twilight story sound BLAH and it isn’t.

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