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Yesterday was a gross, rainy and windy day—the best kind of day to sit on a comfy couch (mine is not so comfy but whatever) and read a book. At 4:00pm yesterday I finished the final book of the Inkheart Trilogy called Inkdeath. I am a sucker for a good story and this trilogy did not disappoint me. The trilogy begins with a young girl named Meggie and her father Mortimer, or as Meggie calls him, “Mo”. Meggie discovers that she and her father have a magical gift that brings the characters in books to life when they read the books aloud. Unfortunately that gift has some disruptive consequences. Mo discovers his magical abilities when he unknowingly reads out—that is, brings into this world—some of the characters from his favourite book, “Inkheart,” but in the process loses his wife, who falls in the other direction into the book.

Already I feel like I’ve said too much. I just don’t know how much to say when writing a book review. I guess when I look back at the other reviews I see that I barely say anything except that I like it or didn’t like it. How do you explain a book without spoiling it? What I’d like to do is raise your curiosity so that you just have to read it. I can say that in each of these books the main characters change and evolve in ways that I find very satisfying. Meggie starts to grow up and finds out that the world is not always a beautiful, safe place (something we all learn as we grow older). Also, we see characters who have good hearts show a dark side (we all have a dark side). In each book, Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath, at least one character experiences loss and realizes things are not always what they seem. Even when there is a happy ending, hard lessons are learned and innocence is lost. If you like fantasy and magic, this is a book for you. It has darkness, hope, heroes, villains, love and hate—all the elements you need for a fun adventurous story.

Maybe I have to come to the acceptance that I can’t really write a good book review. I can only tell you to go out and read or don’t. Maybe I’ll get better at it and maybe I will just have to put in those spoilers. What can you do?

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