Me and Pilates

On Monday, I had my first private Pilates lesson. I never thought I would see myself spending the money on a private lesson and especially Pilates. I am a boot camp kind of girl. I like to sweat and work hard. After I got carpel tunnel and sprained my ankle last year, all the boot camp classes were history. I can no longer do push ups without suffering for days and of course there’s always the time factor. My main motivation for these private sessions is that after having a baby three years ago, I always look like I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy. Yes, I have the permanent mummy tummy or the scientific word is diastasis recti. Diastasis Recti is when your abdominal muscles are split in half and your internal organs are staying in with a thin layer of tissue (sounds gross and frightening, I know). Anyways, I thought I could just live with it but have now realized that it is starting to affect my singing. That’s where Pilates comes in.

Without going into real detail, my instructor gave me a variety of exercises with and without the Pilates machines. I had to focus on breathing and pulling my navel to the back of my spine and feel my hips being pulled in together. I also had to visualize working my pelvic floor. all of these things are essential for me to get my strength back for singing and chasing after my kid.

My first assessment on Pilates is that you definitely work your core. I feel satisfied by the fatigue and tightness I feel around my abdominal muscles. My instructor was not as sensitive to my carpel tunnel as I hoped but I promised myself to be more vocal about any stain or discomfort in the future. I go for my second class next week and I hope to have an even better experience. So far I give Pilates a B+.

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