Mark Murphy (b. March 14, 1932 – d. October 22, 2015)

I am saying goodbye to the great jazz vocalist, Mark Murphy. Mark passed away today.

Mark Murphy was the first vocalist that I heard who had a unique sound. A freedom in his voice that really inspired me to find that freedom in myself.

Many years ago, I attended a masterclass Mark was conducting at Berklee College of Music. I was impressed by his efficiency when using his voice. It sounds calculated but I assure you it wasn’t. I appreciated the advice that he gave each student. I also liked his candor when speaking. It was straight to the point. He talked a lot about how the body is used poorly when singing. I notice singers contort and move their bodies in ways that seem to hinder rather than help their performance. At times I know that I move around more than is necessary. It was helpful to hear a great artist like Mark Murphy tell it like it is.

Mark Murphy I will miss you greatly.

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