This is my experimentation with an IKEA bookshelf which I called, “The Cube”.  More to come.


Student Photo Show April 10, 2018 (samples)


Autumn 2016

All the photos that I have posted thus far have not been edited or processed.  They are straight out of the camera.  I am working on my skills to get the right photo without post production. (It’s very similar to the way I approach music recording).  Once I get my camera “under control” I will learn more about Photoshop/Lightroom and hone in my skills on post production.  For now, everything is “As Is”.

This was made on the brightest moon in November 2016. I never took night photos before.  This was my first attempt.


Still trying to figure out my camera.  This was still on A (Auto) I confess.

This is my son playing “I see you” in the park on the last day of kindergarten.

This little series is called “Tree Faces” from my neighborhood.

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