Great Gig

Last Thursday, 4inObjects performed at Cornelia Street Cafe and we had a blast. I can’t tell enough people how much I love playing with my friends who happen to be brilliant musicians. We performed a new tune that I wrote and it sounded great (I was especially impressed since they were sight-reading some not-so-easy music).… Continue reading Great Gig

The Studio

Today is the first day off I’ve had in two weeks. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m headin’ into town to hang out with my best friend Jacob and to walk around the village (Greenwich Village for all you non-New York folk). Last weekend I was in the the studio recording with the band… Continue reading The Studio

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Beagle Birthday

On Sunday, we are having a birthday party for my little beagle, Coltrane. Now anyone who is a dog owner or pet owner with no kids can totally get into the concept of a birthday party for your dog. Sometimes when I think about it seems silly. BUT, I love the fact that Coltrane has… Continue reading Beagle Birthday

Solo at Elixir

Yesterday morning, Jacob Sacks (my best bud), told me he was doing a solo keyboard gig at a little juice bar in Manhattan called Elixir. I was surprised that he didn’t advertise it or if he did, I missed it. I didn’t know what to expect (and I think, neither did he). It was a… Continue reading Solo at Elixir

A Brief Scare

On Sunday, Chris (the love of my life), was feeling really bad. He had lots of stomach pain and he couldn’t move. At first we thought, ok.. just some bad heart burn or food poisoning. He’ll throw up and then he’ll be fine. Well, he did throw up but, he wasn’t fine. I told him… Continue reading A Brief Scare

The Korea Daily

On Friday March 11, 2005, there was a small article written about me in the New York City’s Korea Daily, in the Arts and Culture section. It was cool to finally have press in NYC (even if it’s in a language I can hardly speak or understand). When I was about 11 years old, I… Continue reading The Korea Daily

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I’m In Finally.

I have been having trouble getting into my blog so I haven’t been posting as much. My apologies. But, I’m back and got a show coming up soon and working on some new things. I’ll keep you updated.

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Last Minute Gig

This Monday I will be a special guest of the Sacks/Ambrosio/Sperrazza trio (piano/bass/drums). They will be playing at Charley O’s in midtown, Manhattan. We will be playing jazz standards (which I hardly ever do these days) AND, I just found out that our friend and saxophonist, Mike McGinnis will also be sitting in. It’s gonna… Continue reading Last Minute Gig