For most of my life I’ve dreamt of being a photographer.  I am now beginning to live that dream.  Learning and discovering what my direction will be and finding my voice through photos.

Music is my life but now I also want to express myself through the lens.  Follow me on my journey.

As of now, I have taken photography classes over the past year to help me understand my camera and understanding the use of light, and the art of composition.  Taking all these photography classes makes me wonder why I never followed in my parents foots steps a little more and studied fine art.  Well, I sort of know why I didn’t…I was deep in the music and that’s all I could handle at the time.   It has been a struggle to find a balance with the music, photography and videography.  There are not enough hours in the day to do it all.

I have a gallery page where you can see the progress I have been making.

It is really thrilling learning something new.

Below are some samples of my first photography show.


First Photography Show

This is what I have be doing over the past few months.  I’ve been taking a photography class at and having a blast.  This is part of my student show.  More fun photos to come!