It’s Time For A Change

I just bought the macrobiotic cookbook, Mayumi’s Kitchen. Going to try and detox myself. Joined my friends for a macrobiotic Thanksgiving and felt great. I was totally burnt out from turkey and I didn’t want to feel gross after gorging on Thanksgiving dinner. Will keep you posted on my progress. I hope to not only have more energy but lose… Read more →

Born To Run

Why do my feet hurt? Over the past eight months I have been suffering from what I think is plantar fascitis. Whenever I walk, jog or run any kind of distance my left heel is killing me and I can barely walk on my foot. A friend of mine advised me to stretch a lot and wear comfortable shoes. I… Read more →

Inkheart Trilogy

Yesterday was a gross, rainy and windy day—the best kind of day to sit on a comfy couch (mine is not so comfy but whatever) and read a book. At 4:00pm yesterday I finished the final book of the Inkheart Trilogy called Inkdeath. I am a sucker for a good story and this trilogy did not disappoint me. The trilogy… Read more →