4inObjects, Now a Dot Com

We are finally www.4inobjects.com! I am very excited to get started on the official 4inObjects website. I will keep you all posted on when the website is up and running. I will also be doing some changes on my website so look out for those. Hopefully it will be more efficient and easy to follow.

4inObjects’ Photos

Last night I just got the first 4inObjects promo photo. I was very excited to see that we all don’t look too dopey. We’re gettin’ started on our website and working on releasing our debut CD so keep your eyes and ears open for some updates.

So Much Music

Well, I am overwhelmed by all my music news. The past month has been great for music. First, I started off with Nancy King in town (the post before this one). Friday May 6, Jacob and I were doing our Restless Spirit Music Series at the 5C Cafe with special guest Mat Maneri (The Magician).… Continue reading So Much Music

Beagle Birthday

On Sunday, we are having a birthday party for my little beagle, Coltrane. Now anyone who is a dog owner or pet owner with no kids can totally get into the concept of a birthday party for your dog. Sometimes when I think about it seems silly. BUT, I love the fact that Coltrane has… Continue reading Beagle Birthday

A Brief Scare

On Sunday, Chris (the love of my life), was feeling really bad. He had lots of stomach pain and he couldn’t move. At first we thought, ok.. just some bad heart burn or food poisoning. He’ll throw up and then he’ll be fine. Well, he did throw up but, he wasn’t fine. I told him… Continue reading A Brief Scare

Poochie Problems

This morning I was abruptly woken up by CY (my honey) because Coltrane, my sweet 12yr old beagle was just bitten by a dog while on his morning walk. Of course we didn’t notice the bleeding until the walk was over and Coltrane was very stoic and showed no signs of discomfort (but I realize… Continue reading Poochie Problems


Last night I went to one of my favourite restaurants, Al Di La. CY (my main man) and I went out on a blizzardy night and had our tummys filled with wonderful Italian cuisine. CY and I shared the appetizer special; grilled sardines over baby arugula with a fennel vinegarette. Then for a main course,… Continue reading Yummmmm……