A Brief Scare

On Sunday, Chris (the love of my life), was feeling really bad. He had lots of stomach pain and he couldn’t move. At first we thought, ok.. just some bad heart burn or food poisoning. He’ll throw up and then he’ll be fine. Well, he did throw up but, he wasn’t fine. I told him that if it was still painful after 5 hours we should go to the hospital. 10 hours later, with the help of our roomie, Vinnie, I insisted that Chris go to the hospital. We got in pretty fast and they started checking him out. At first, I thought they would say, “bad indigestion, maybe a food obstruction..” I started to get scared when they ordered a CAT scan and an EKG. I was like, come on, are you joking? It’s just bad food poisoning or something.

Well, the final prognosis was “pericarditis,” an inflamation of the tissue that surrounds the heart. Apparently it is common when someone suffers a viral infection like the flu or something. The strange thing is, Chris hasn’t had the flu or anything. Anyways, he is fine and I’m relieved. The ordeal at the hospital was more than 8 hours and we didn’t get home till after 2:00am. I was fried and I’m still tired now.

Recently, over the past 2 and a half months, Chris has been getting into great physical shape. He’s lost more than 15lbs and he feels and looks amazing. I really believe that it helped him endure the pain and also helped with his fast recovery (he’s almost back to normal, just a bit tired). I’m so proud of him for making this lifestyle change. I reap the benefits of having a man with a hot bod (whoopee!) Chris’ exercise change has been inspirational and I’m off to the gym.

A final thing I have to say is, since I’m originally from Canada, I think it’s crazy that this country doesn’t have universal health care. Even though we had health insurance, I was freaking out about, who is paying for this and are we sure the insurance is covering this? Those are just stupid questions to be asking or worrying about. The last thing you should be thinking about when your loved ones is ill is who’s paying the bill? I get enraged when I hear politicians say, “I believe that everyone has a right to affordable health care..” What the hell is that statement?!? Affordable health care! EVERYONE has a RIGHT to health care. That shouldn’t be an option. Canadians pay a fair amount of taxes. Why? Because that means everyone gets health care. Yes, I work hard for what I earn but, when I pay taxes, I know that it’s going towards something I don’t need to worry about for the rest of my life.
Now that I’m in the U.S. I am always concerned about who’s paying for what and how much of it and I think it totally sucks! You could get sick just worrying about it.
Ok, enough said. Time to burn some calories.