The Korea Daily

On Friday March 11, 2005, there was a small article written about me in the New York City’s Korea Daily, in the Arts and Culture section. It was cool to finally have press in NYC (even if it’s in a language I can hardly speak or understand). When I was about 11 years old, I went to Korean school every Saturday for about 5 to 6 years. I can’t really speak the language and I can read Korean but I can’t understand what I’ve just read (that’s so weird!) When I was reading the article to my mom over the phone, I would start laughing when I would read these Korean characters that sounded out English words. It was really hilarious. The Korean language does not have certain English sounds so they go to the closest sounding thing. For instance, the word “jazz singer” is sounded out like, “jeh uh suh ing uh” (crazy!) It was cool to see my photo and read my name in Korean. The reporter talked about my upcoming gig which is happenning Thursday, March 24, 10pm at Cornelia Street Cafe. So hopefully I will see some fellow Korean folks or at least people who can read AND understand Korean out at the show.