Being Blue Too Long

So this past week my in-laws have been visiting from Canada and we wanted to take them out for a great meal in Brooklyn. Our first choice was my favourite italian place Al Di La but unfortunately it was an hour wait. So we decided to go to Blue Ribbon restaurant. Since we didn’t have… Continue reading Being Blue Too Long

Great News!

Well I’m finally writing a post about the fact that the 4inObjects cd is finally available to the public. You can buy through 4inObjects website, or at CD Baby. You can read one of the reviews about the cd. I am so proud and excited that it’s out. Now go out and buy the cd!… Continue reading Great News!

The First Storm

Saturday night was the debut perfomance of my E String Band. It was yours truly, singing away; Jacob Sacks on melodica; Khabu Young on eukelele and Thomas Morgan on my child size E string guitar. We played at the Crossroads Cafe in Brooklyn (in my old hood). We just had a blast playing Hank Williams,… Continue reading The First Storm

No Luck

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks when it comes to my health. Just before my birthday, I had a horrible case of food poisoning and it put me out for 3 days. Last week I had a bad cold (which I am still getting over) . At the beginning of the week,… Continue reading No Luck

Vocal Duets

Last Sunday (October 16th), I performed accapella vocal duets with my dear friend Judith Berkson. Judith is a fabulous musician with a unique musical concept and a great vocalist to boot. We performed in the Dowtown Music Gallery store on Bowery and 3rd. All pieces were free improvisations. Some were based on poetry and some… Continue reading Vocal Duets

Is It Supposed To Be Cold Season?

Here I am sniffling and feeling tired and Chris has a cold. Is it already that time of year? If so, that sucks. This season’s Restless Spirit Music Series opens this Friday and all I need is a cold. Well I guess it’s chicken soup for the next week.

Thank You 55 Bar

Tonight I went to the “Thank You Musicians” party at the 55 Bar. Queva (the owner of the 55) is one of the most supportive individuals in the New York City music scene. She helped 4inObjects get a start at the 55 and I am forever grateful. She digs the music and she is extremely… Continue reading Thank You 55 Bar

I’m Finally Moving!

It’s been hell these past few weeks. Chris and I have been feverishly looking for a new apartment and we have finally found one. It’s beautiful, huge, in a gorgeous neighbourhood (the Canadian coming out of me) and affordable. It seems impossible, I know, but it really is great and it even has laundry in… Continue reading I’m Finally Moving!