Being Blue Too Long

So this past week my in-laws have been visiting from Canada and we wanted to take them out for a great meal in Brooklyn. Our first choice was my favourite italian place Al Di La but unfortunately it was an hour wait. So we decided to go to Blue Ribbon restaurant.

Since we didn’t have a reservation at Blue Ribbon we waited for about 30 minutes for our table (that was fine). When we sat down, it looked like things would be great and I was excited to order my lobster. Well, I ordered a ceasar salad to start. It took more that 30 minutes to get our appetizers and the salad was very mediocre. But the worst was that we waited more than an hour and a half for our main dishes! They screwed up and didn’t admit they did. They apologized for the delay and didn’t charge us for our wine but no one admitted to who screwed up. They shouldn’t have charged us for our meal.

We arrived at Blue Ribbon at about 6:30pm and we didn’t leave until 10:00pm. We were so unhappy and it was so expensive! The food itself tasted good but by then it didn’t matter how good it was. I think the waiter screwed up and forgot our order. I never saw him for over an hour during our wait and I had to flag down the water boy to find out what the hell happenned to our food.

I regret not making a bigger stink about the disappointing wait and many times I had the urge to leave and I wish we had. I also wished that we had waited for an hour for a table at Al Di La.

Oh well, live and learn.

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