Monthly Archives: November 2005

The Harry Potter World

It’s about 1:30am and I have just returned from seeing Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely. I am such a sucker for movies, good or bad. Chris says that I’m a terrible judge of movies but I like to think that I’m easy to please. There are some movies I… Read more →

Yeah Canadians

Some colleagues and friends from Toronto, Canada just released their CD and I am really enjoying the clips I’ve heard on CdBaby. Go and check it out. You may like it, you may not… but I like it. Leah State (vocalist) sounds wonderful and I’ve always enjoyed playing with pianist Tania Gill while I lived in Toronto. I enjoy it’s… Read more →

Too Stuffed To Write

American Thanksgiving is over and I was too stuffed to post over the weekend. Chris and I went to a big gathering for ‘turkey’ day and had a real nice time. I always find it fun to meet different folks from all walks of life. Being a musician, I have a tendency to hang out with my musician friends (who… Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving US

This is just a quick Happy Thanksgiving wish for all you Americans out there. Canada already had their Thanksgiving in October. One could argue that it’s the “real” Thanksgiving but, I don’t really want to start that feud. I’m not actually cooking turkey on the day because Chris and I got invited to a friend’s place for turkey dinner. BUT,… Read more →

A Cool Find

So, late last night I was talking to my best boy Jacob Sacks and he told me about this google link he found of himself and I thought it was a nice find. If you want to check it out here it is: Soulmates. I don’t know who this fellow is but I really appreciate the fact that he digs… Read more →

The Bishop Was In Town

This past Friday (11/04/05) friend, composer and saxophonist Andrew Bishop was the special guest for the Restless Spirit Music Series at the 5C Cafe. The night was filled with lots of musical surprises and adventure. One of the special parts about Andrew performing with Jacob Sacks and myself is that Andrew is not only a fantastic improviser on the saxophone… Read more →


Last Saturday (Oct.29th), I went to Miller Theater to see pianist, Christopher Taylor perform Gyorgy Ligeti’s “The Complete Piano Etudes”. The etudes were in three books that have spanned over 25 years. Christopher Taylor began with Book 3 and 2 and closed with Book 1. I was completely blown away. I’ve know the Ligeti Etudes to be very difficult but… Read more →