Too Stuffed To Write

American Thanksgiving is over and I was too stuffed to post over the weekend. Chris and I went to a big gathering for ‘turkey’ day and had a real nice time. I always find it fun to meet different folks from all walks of life. Being a musician, I have a tendency to hang out with my musician friends (who I love dearly). I enjoy the opportunity to meet people who are not musicians. Although, I must confess that I haven’t had much to say to some people in the corporate world, BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool people in that world. I believe that there are folks out there in any field of work and life who I can relate to. And even if I couldn’t, it’s just a good thing to meet different people because it just gets you out of your own egocentric crap, don’t you think?

Last Friday, Chris and I made dinner for our friends, Nick and Peter. We made duck breast with wild mushrooms, rainbow trout with red onion marmalade, a potato and leek gratin and cream of brocolli soup. Nick brought some pecan pie and Peter made his wonderful cesaer salad. If you want to see photos of the meal, you can link here( I have to say that the food was much tastier that it appears in the photos. I just got a new digital camera for my birthday and Chris wanted to document the meal….don’t ask me why?)
The meal was delicious and it was the first time I ever made duck breast and it came out wonderfully.

My friend Peter is a great saxophonist and we are playing together at Dizzy’s Club at Lincoln Center with Sherisse Rogers’ Big Band on Monday, December 5th. You can also check Peter’s band out on December 13th at Detour in the East Village.

It’s time for me to run off to the gym to shed the massive pounds I ate over Thanksgiving weekend.

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